Frequently Asked Questions

The Unheard Project

Do you compensate your contributors?

Yes. We firmly believe that all of our contributors should be compensated for their work and time, regardless of the state of their legal identity. We are not able to publicly disclose specific remuneration details in the interest of protecting the safety of our contributors, but are happy to discuss these on an individual basis.

In addition to compensation, we offer a loose editorial mentorship for emerging writers and artists, through which they receive guidance and tips from industry professionals on a broad range of relevant topics. 

How are submissions chosen for the Unheard Journalism Project?

We invite refugee writers of all backgrounds and interests to contact us. We strive towards inclusivity and as many modes of creative expression as possible, from photography to video and mixed media, and believe that the strength of a piece might lie in anything from originality of theme to vividness of voice.

While we mainly work with English-language pieces, English fluency is not required. A knowledge of conversational English, however, would be helpful in ensuring that contributors can benefit from the mentorship and editing process. We acknowledge the urgent need for alternatives to the anglo-centric approach that often dominates our understanding of popular media, literature, and art, and we are committed to broadening the lens to include the unheard. If you are a translator or bilingual editor who is interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Any featured reporting is held to the same journalistic standards and ethics as mainstream news outlets. However, for the safety and security of our contributors, we may not be able to disclose personal information about them or their subjects.

How can I submit my work to the Unheard Journalism Project?

For submission guidelines and contact information, please click here.

To submit work the Unheard Music Project, please click here.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Who owns the copyright to the work?

Contributors retain all rights to their work, and individual contributor content usage agreements are developed with each contributor prior to presentation of their work.

The material on the Unheard Project portal may not be used or reproduced elsewhere without written permission from the contributors, artists and B360. Permission must be sought from the contributors for reproduction of these works in any form. B360 can facilitate any request for rights of usage, and can be reached at

B360 General Questions

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