Issue 2

Two Paintings


Theme: Pop Art
Medium: Mix media
Size: 10″ x 6″ inches

A bitter truth that cannot be denied is how the first thing we usually do whenever something bad happens is go “click” with our cameras. I used the medium of Pop Art as I feel this is an accurate representation of modern society. The vibrant and eye-catching colours show how we trivialise other people’s moments of vulnerability and share them publicly instead of stopping to ask how we can help.

The Urge to Plant

Theme: Tropical Abstract
Medium: Mix media
Size: 12″ x 12″ inches

The word “textile” comes from “to weave”, and I was inspired to create this painting by bringing together two ideas that are key to how we live. The first is “plant” – to sow the seeds of our hopes, emotions and thoughts. The second is “faith” – to trust that the simple act of planting something is more important than the ability to do it perfectly. Whatever life throws at you, you can simply plant new seeds accordingly. With that power, you can achieve anything.

Basma Sumbal was born in Pakistan, where she was based most of her life. She received a B. A Hons Degree in Textile Design and Business Management from Warnborough College and started a career in digital designing before moving to Malaysia. She started painting 5 years ago to help herself cope with anxiety and moments of distress. Basma likes to explore and create art surfaces with mixed media, and her signature paintings usually include bright and bold colours with abstract effects. Her works were exhibited in Al-Hamra  Art Gallery in Lahore in 2016 and Inner Joy Art Gallery in Malaysia in 2020.